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Become a member of a motivated community around your activity

Give a review, and see the reviews of the others

You can see the reviews of the other members about clubs and events, and you can give yours

Share with the other members

You can share with the other users through a real time messaging, to find partners, organize an outing, ...

Be notified of a new club, event or partner searche

You are notified as soon as a club, event or partner search is added in the radius that you defined

You look for a club near your location?

Find a club close to your home

When you are connected, you see all the clubs around you that were added by the users. If clubs you know are not present, add them to inform the other members!

You want to know which events are organized close by?

Find an event close to your home

You can visualize the different events (tournaments, exhibitions, shows, ...) on the map or in a list ordered chronologically.

You look for a one-time or steady partner?

Find a one-time or steady partner

You can see all the existing partners searches on a map. If none corresponds to your search, you can create a new one in a few seconds, members who are interested will get in touch.

You are a sport federation or an association (sport, game, ...)?

You want to add a new activity

For now, only Tennis, Soccer and Rock 'n' roll are available, but if you are interested by this community system and you would like your activity to be added to the list, please contact us!

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